Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weight loss, week 6

I had a really good week with my weight loss!  I just have to share, because I'm a little too excited.  This week, I lost 3.4 pounds, which puts me at 16.8 lost total in six weeks.  I'm feeling really good, and anxious to hit 20.  I know it will probably take me two more weeks to get there, but for some reason 20 is a big milestone in my head.

I've changed a lot in six weeks.  My habits are obviously the biggest change, but I've switched and fixed some unhealthy mindsets, had the Lord help me break off some strongholds that have been hanging over me for YEARS, and I'm still learning and growing.  Though not wider.  I'll never do that again (except when I have babies.  I suspect that is inevitable.)

Maybe someday I will get brave and tell you what my starting weight was.  Realistically, I'll probably only have the guts to do that once I've hit my goal, but believe me, that day will come!

I just had to share what I've accomplished in this short time because I am so stoked.  Now I'm off to browse Ravelry for some lacy projects to work on.  =)

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  1. I randomly came across your blog and wanted to say way to go! I had been losing weight prior to becoming pregnant and know how great it can feel to shed that extra weight, but even more so to shed the unhealthy habits and mindsets. So, yes, go you!