Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Introducing the Emma Woodhouse fingerless mittens!

Remember a couple of posts back when I said I was going to challenge myself this year to create my own knitted creations sans patterns?  (I hope you remember... I've only written two posts so far!)  Well I have gone and done it!  I started with a stitch that I liked, & one that I thought would lend itself well to some lacy fingerless mittens without too much fuss, figured out how many stitches I would need to cast on in my chosen weight of yarn, and just went for it.  I frogged a couple of first attempts with different stitch patterns, but this one turned out much better.  I'll post some more photos when I actually have both mittens knit up, but for now here are some detail shots of the first, as well as the helpful tutorials that will have you creating thumb gussets for your mittens in no time!

If you're up for trying out your own fingerless mittens/full mittens, check out these video tutorials to get you started!  They are general instructions, not pattern specific, so they are a HUGE help!  I hope you feel inspired to try your own, I know I will be making more!

thumb gusset set up part 1
thumb gusset set up part 2
Thumb gusset finish part 1
Thumb gusset finish part 2

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  1. Amazing that you can create your own patterns! I love these gloves....!