Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year of Knitting

Four posts this last year in as many months really is a sad thing, but thanks to blogging inspiration from my amazing friend Sarah, here I am again, attempting to be better.  For now.  You know how these things go.

Like a lot of knitters, I have had a really busy Christmas with all of my gift knitting (in fact, there is still knitting to do... oi) and I am ready to get back to doing a couple of projects for myself.  When I'm doing tons of gift knitting, I feel it's easier to get burned out... it's best to throw a quick hat for yourself in the mix to keep the motivation going.

I do have some photos that I will post soon of all my gifties, because what I chose to knit for everyone really is a fun pattern and project to try, and maybe you will be inspired to give it a go.  For now I am just surfing the web trying to find some cheap but luxe yarn (because as much as I LOVE high end yarns, the price tag doesn't love me!) to complete some of the 150 projects in my Ravelry que.  So many of my amazing friends are pregnant right now, that I need to find some beautiful yarn for baby blankets!

At any rate, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to those of you who read this, and just let you know that I pray so many blessings on you as we move into 2011.  I know that Jesus has just blessed my husband Nick and I so much throughout 2010, that I'm excited to see what he does in 2011.  I'm stoked to see what He does for all of YOU as well.

Happy new year, and happy knitting!

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