Monday, January 17, 2011

If only there were more hours in a day for...

Crafting!  I've been on a huge craft-blog kick these past few weeks.  I just love seeing what other people come up with and share with the world.  It's so refreshing and inspiring, and honestly it's great to be inspired by objects and projects in an medium other than knitting.  I've been perusing How About Orange's blog all morning.  She has some awesome DIY projects and gorgeous inspiration on her site.  The other blog I've been enjoying this morning is The Purl Bee's blog.  They feature more knitting, crotchet, and sewing projects.

It all makes me wish I had infinitely more time and creative genius at my command.  Check out their blogs, and be inspired!  I know that I am, and can't wait to make a bunch of their projects.

My husband Nick and I have recently bought our first house, and I have begun to look around and see that far too much of what we've used to decorate with has come from ikea.  I mean, a lot of the artwork has come from me, but just about all of the furniture and bigger pieces are not.  All I can think about lately is finding some beautiful, old, and slightly beat up pieces of furniture with tons of character to de-sterilize our home a bit.  My main desire, a Queen Anne style buffet table, which I shall paint and distress... I get excited just thinking about it!  This is the kind of buffet I am talking about.

And then I will paint it a fun color and distress it like this...

And finally, I am going to hang a ton of mis-matching vintage mirrors over it.  It will be perfect.  I can't wait!  If only money grew on trees!  I've found the perfect buffet on craigslist.  Now I just have to come up with the funds to buy it!  I've definitely come to realize that owning a home is the never ending project.

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