Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I now dub this smattering of weight-loss related posts....

my Weight-Loss Corner!

Talking with a couple of my friends, I realized, what's the problem with blogging about trying to lose weight on here, even if I did intend it to be a knitting blog?  (holy run-on sentence Batman!)  This is currently a BIG part of my life and life-style, and if it helps encourage even one person, then I think it will be worth it.  Don't worry, there will still be knitting and crafty posts on here as well.  This won't turn one-sided.  At least I don't think that it will.  =)

Just a little update, and to take a pat-myself-on-the-back moment, I'd like to share that I have lost 8.6 pounds in two weeks!  I'm super stoked, and feeling excited to keep this momentum going!  In the spirit of sharing all about this weight loss journey of mine, I'd like to share a recipe with you all that I just tried tonight for some chocolate-y cookies that are super low in points-plus values, so if you are trying to lose weight, you don't have to feel guilty about whipping up a batch of these.  Unless you eat them all in one sitting.  *wink*

This recipe is off the weight watchers site, and it is SO good.  The recipe says you should be able to get 40 mini cookies out of it, I did 20 slightly larger cookies and it seemed perfect.  Here's the link!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

And now it's time for me to go to bed.  It's not even 11pm but I am wiped.  I'm turning into such an old lady.


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